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Dental Implant Natural Tooth

Dental Implants Procedure

Despite the progress in dental care, lots of people suffer from tooth loss. This is caused mostly due to tooth decay, gingivitis, gum disease or an injury. Not too long ago only bridges and dentures were available as the treatment options for people with missing teeth. Now, our dentists are well versed with the dental implants treatment.

Dental Implant Natural ToothWhat Are Dental Implants?

The dental implant, also called as endosseous implant or fixture, is fixed in the jaw or the skull in order to support any dental prosthesis like a denture, a crown or a bridge. It is also used to act as a facial prosthetic or orthodontic anchor. To add a prosthetic tooth, firstly an implant is fixed and since it is made up of titanium it osseointegrates to develop a permanent bond with the bone of the jaw or the skull. After the implant forms a bond, a prosthetic is added on top of it to act as a tooth.

Reasons for dental implants:

  • Replace one or more missing teeth without affecting adjacent teeth.
  • Resolve joint pain or bite problems caused by teeth shifting into missing tooth space.
  • Restore a patient’s confident smile.
  • Restore chewing, speech, and digestion.
  • Restore or enhance facial tissues.
  • Support a bridge or denture, making them more secure and comfortable.

How Successful Are Dental Implants?

Depending up on the jaw and the way the implants are placed the procedure can have a success rate of 98%.

Are you a good candidate for dental implants?

It is important to have healthy gums and jawbone to get implants. If your jawbone is too thin or weak it can easily break when the implants are to be fixed on your jaw. Also, excessively soft or weak jawbones may require a bone graft before attaching implants. If the bone is not high enough to fix an implant or if the sinuses are placed too close to one another, then a sinus lift is required.

What does getting dental implants involve?

The process of getting dental implants requires a number of visits to the dental implants dentist over several months.

X-rays and impressions (molds) are taken of the jaw and teeth to determine bone, gum tissue, and spacing available for dental implants. While the area is numb, the dental implants will be surgically placed into the bone and allowed to heal and integrate onto the bone for up to six months. Depending on the type of dental implants, a second surgery may be required in order to place the “post” that will hold the artificial tooth in place. With other dental implants the post and anchor are already attached and placed at the same time.

After several weeks of healing, the artificial teeth are made and fitted to the post portion of the anchor. Because several fittings may be required, this step may take one to two months to complete. After a healing period, the artificial teeth are securely attached to the dental implants, providing excellent stability and comfort to the patient.

You will receive care instructions from your dental implants dentist when your dental implants treatment is completed. Good oral hygiene, eating habits, and regular dental visits will aid in the life of your new dental implants.

Advantages of using a single tooth dental implant over bridges

  1. A single tooth dental implant functions as well as looks like a real tooth, unlike in the case of a denture.
  2. It can easily replace one tooth without causing any harm to the health of the teeth neighboring to the tooth to be replaced.
  3. This procedure protects and preserves your bone as it replaces your tooth root by integrating with the jaw. Whereas when a bridge is used the bone that had been surrounding the tooth previously, begins to deteriorate.
  4. The long-term maintaining of a single tooth implant is easier and more feasible as compared to a bridge.
  5. A visible defect due to the receding of gums around a bridge becomes visible when the metal bridge or collar is exposed. The resorbed bone beneath the teeth can give a very unattractive smile and also, the cement underneath the bridge can wash away and lead to the decay of the tooth that is holding the bridge.

Procedure of placing the implant

  1. The screw-like implant is firstly placed in your jaw and it is then left for the next two to six months, depending on the patient, to bond with your jaw so that it can provide an anchor to the prosthetic tooth attached on top of it. During this period a fake tooth is placed on top of the implant for cosmetic purposes.
  2. In the second step, the implant is uncovered by the temporary tooth and a prosthetic is attached to it. In some cases, after the uncovering of the temporary tooth, the prosthetic is allowed to rest and heal for a few more weeks before attaching the permanent tooth. It varies from person to person, which procedure is better.
  3. The attachment of a replacement tooth over the implant through an abutment or a small metal post is done ar the end. After a small period of time, the tooth will be completely recovered and will not even feel like a prosthetic and be able to have normal functionality and aesthetic requirements.

Types of Dental Implants

Endosteal Implants – These implants are fixed on the jawbone directly using surgery. As soon as the surrounding gums heal, a second surgery is required in order to attach a prosthetic tooth to the posts of the implant which is protruding out of the gums. The secondary prosthetic can be attached singularly or in the form of a bridge of more than one teeth.

Subperiosteal Implants – Just below the gum tissue, a metal frame is fixed on the jawbone. The metal frame gets permanently fixed to the jawbone as the gums get healed and its posts protrude through the gums. Then, in a similar way to the endosteal implants, dental prosthetics are fixed on the posts.

Complications that may come

  • While the implantation procedure is performed, there are risks normal to surgery such as infection, necrosis or excessive bleeding. Also, anatomic structures close by to the spot where the implantation is done can be injured if not done carefully. This is why it is important to get a procedure done only by a certified dentist or orthodontist.
  • There is a risk of instability of the implant immediately after the surgery. But as time passes and the jawbone develops a bonding with the titanium implant, it gets sturdier and chances of instability decrease.
  • After the procedure, there is still a risk of infection and hence, antibiotics must be taken as per advised by your dentist.
  • There is a chance that excessive bleeding may be induced at the site of implantation. In such a case, you must rush to your doctor immediately.
  • There is a risk of flap breakdown or of the failure of integration process of the implant with the jawbone.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Dental Implants?

Depending on the insurance plan, coverage under your medical plan may be possible. However, dental implants are not covered by dental insurance at the moment. More details can be discussed with your dentist and the insurance provider.

Dental Implants at Dentcare Clinic Dubai:

We boast of a 100% success rate at our clinic. For patients seeking fast and high quality implant services, our implants are the clear choice.

Conventional dental implant process can take from 3 to 9 months and some times more in some cases. However, without our system and procedure, it can be completed in 3 appointments. With the state of the art equipment’s, highly skilled dental specialists who use latest technologies offer a speedy and much better alternative to the conventional procedure. The missing teeth can be replaced immediately by placing the implants directly into the available bone. With the use of angled, and/or max implant technology, is less likely to require bone grafting.

  • The dental implant process at Dentcare Clinic involves maximum three visits either in one day for single implants or maximum one week for multiple implants.
  • For multiple implants cases, on the very first appointment, the dental specialist will perform dental extractions of the damaged teeth and finish off the procedure by placing the implants.
  • The second appointment depending on complexity of each case, where the doctor will place the temporary fixed acrylic teeth.
  • The third and final appointment will be seven days later, when the final set of fixed permanent porcelain teeth are placed.
  • For single implant cases, the final permanent all-ceramic (porcelain) tooth, is delivered either on the same day or the following day.
  • All our implants have a ten year guarantee.

At Dentcare Clinic Dubai, the patients are assured of quality service provided by experienced professionals in a pain-free procedure. So opt for dental implants to replace your missing tooth and get that perfect smile back for a happier and more confident social life.

The patient will return for occasional check-ups over the next several weeks and months. After almost six months, when the gums have fully healed and the dental implants are fused to the natural bone, we will take new impressions of the patient’s mouth and prepare a final, stronger, permanent set of teeth adjusted to a perfect fit–at no additional cost. This helps ensure that the teeth will last for decades, and provide maximum support, beauty, and function to the patient.

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before and after Hollywood Smile

Look Like as a Celebrity with Hollywood Smile in Dubai


Are you looking for Hollywood smile in Dubai?

These days many patients are asking for a Hollywood smile in Dubai. Most of them ask us, what is Hollywood smile? Or how much cost Hollywood smile in Dubai?

Hollywood Smile Definition:

Hollywood Smile is a technique to smile makeover. With this treatment you will have natural white, perfectly aligned attractive looking teeth. It takes in consideration the skin color, the gum position, the front teeth color and size, and of course the position of the upper teeth with the lower lip.

A study done by University of Manchester shows that a full set of white teeth increases self-esteem and it improves quality of life as well. In addition the idea of ‘perfect teeth’ is defined by its colour and alignment. Another research proves People believe that white and straight teeth are attractive. The status of the teeth affects your over-all appearance.

Researchers from the universities of Leeds and Central Lancashire in England proved that a white and evenly spaced set of teeth makes people seem more attractive.  They took pictures of models and then digitally changed the colour and spacing of their teeth. Three shades were used on teeth —yellowish brown, normal white, and bright white. In next step, they showed the pictures to 150 young men and women and asked them how attractive they found the models. The answer was clearly, white teeth are most attractive (Read more).


What is the procedure for getting a Hollywood smile in Dubai?

  • At the first our team checks your teeth to make sure that your bite is match for porcelain veneers. If you have a cross bite or you are suffering from tough tooth grinding, then porcelain veneers is not a good choice for you. In this case it is better to try invisible braces in order to make your teeth as straightened as possible. To achieve a better colour for your teeth in these cases whitening can be the best option.
  • Before doing the final process of Hollywood smile, our team will check your teeth situation with a trial smile. We try to choose the type of the veneer design that perfectly suits your face. It also gives you the chance to see how it looks like before trying the final version.
  • After choosing the final design, your doctor in our clinic will start whitening your teeth to make sure the teeth are at the same level of colour they should be before the final treatment.
  • Now it’s the time to make your teeth ready for the porcelain veneers. Since we do care about our clients as our first priority, we numb your teeth to make sure it will be a painless stage completely.
  • Once you check the final custom made Hollywood smile then we move to the next step to cement the veneers into your teeth in a permanent way.
  • After seven to ten days of having the Hollywood smile fixed to your teeth, you will be invited to our office in order for us to make an assessment about your bite and make sure that the veneers are in the right place and have the desired functionality.


Makeover Smile Consultation

If you are considering to having Hollywood smile in Dubai, it is very important to visit a Profetional cosmetic dentist in Dubai. There are many options available to do a Hollywood Smile in Dubai by Dr. Hooman, For example Lumineers teeth, Cerec veneers, Emax veneer and Composite veneers.

Call us today at 800 80 80 80 or book online appointment to arrange a consultation. During the consultation our dentists explain what to expect during the Makeover Smile procedure. Also you have this opportunity to ask any questions about Hollywood smile, costs, dental insurance, or any other concerns.

Hollywood Smile in Dubai -1

Hollywood Smile in Dubai -3

Hollywood Smile in Dubai -2

Before and After Procedure of Hollywood Smile in Dubai

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